Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back Pain during Pregnancy - Easily Controllable

Back pain during pregnancy is an unfortunate physical ailment that is faced by almost every pregnant woman. By proper care, you can keep it under control and ensure that it eases after delivery.
In some cases, where proper care is not taken, pregnancy back pain can grow into a lifelong ailment that becomes a hindrance in discharging your normal duties of life. If you have a pre-existing back pain before pregnancy, you should take even greater care of your back and avoid all physical activities that strain your back muscles needlessly.

Take Every Step Forward Very Cautiously

There are many causes for a back pain during pregnancy. Some of the causes are the result of pregnancy while others may have existed even before you were pregnant. In cases where you have strained or broken ligaments, weak muscles or joints in the abdominal area, injury to your disc or back- you should not stand for long periods lest you aggravate your injury even further. These body conditions may become the cause for early pregnancy back pain in pregnant women. As you gain body weight, you may feel extreme pain that needs medical attention especially during the latter part of your pregnancy.

Back pain and pregnancy are inter-related. You can control back pain effectively if you try to remain fit and healthy even before pregnancy. It is seen that women who exercise regularly and who have a healthy and strong body have less back pain during pregnancy and also for a shorter period than those who have weaker bodies and who do not exercise regularly. However, even women who have a regular regimen of exercise should refrain from vigorous exercises once they are pregnant. You should also avoid lifting heavy objects and should maintain a correct posture while sitting or sleeping.

Besides the personal care mentioned above, you can manage back pain during pregnancy in many other ways also:-

Read books and journals by prominent authors on back pain to get maximum information about it.
Take the help of massage therapy to alleviate back pain. Regular massage can help you to perform your daily duties more effectively.
Apply hot pack on the affected area and do some hot water therapy as well. You will get instant relief. In some cases, infra-red rays have also been very effective in pain relief.
Wear an abdominal belt for support. You can take a pelvic girdle or any other maternity support belt to support the weight of the growing baby and ease the strain on your back.
Moreover, you can join pre natal classes in your neighborhood along with other young mothers who are in the throes of motherhood. You can gain from the experience of others and learn how they are tackling their back pain during pregnancy.

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